just the ticket?

Did you know that over £6 billion worth of train tickets are sold in the UK each year? And that 85% of this total are sold either at ticket booths or direct from rail companies own website? 

So this leaves long-established thetrainline.com with a decent chunk of the remaining market (they had profits of £15 million on a turnover of £780 million last year), so it's quite surprising that it has taken another independent company so long to compete for their online revenue.

That company is mytrainticket.co.uk and they have invested £2m developing a system they believe will help them compete - a figure they hope to recoup in the first 12 months alone. Robin Wells, chairman of the site's parent company Assertis, said: '...there is an enormous market out there. It is worth £6 billion and waiting to be tapped.'

Good to see a new kid on the block when it comes to buying train tickets online. Someone new often brings something new and means that everyone else has to up their game. However, the early signs aren't so promising - a Google search for 'train tickets' leaves them nowhere to be seen on the first page, so let's hope they're investing a decent amount in their SEO too!