Eurostar launch reward programme

The new programme is called Eurostar Plus and is a very simple proposition.

Every time you spend £300 on Eurostar travel, you'll be rewarded with a £20 e-voucher that you can spend on any trip booked on Each voucher is valid for a year and you can accumulate them.

To system works by logging in before booking a ticket on, then every £1 that a customer spends is automatically saved as one point. Once they have 300 points they get the £20 voucher.

Nice and simple and works out at around 7% back. The only criticism is that it would have been better to have had the option for more exciting rewards, e.g. Amazon vouchers (at a reduced rate say £10 for 300 points).

I personally think these schemes are a good idea, I don't see why more transport operators don't do it. Especially bus companies?