controversial new ad features blind footballers

Paddy Power are to release a new TV advert featuring blind footballers who mistake a cat for the ball in a five-a-side match.

And it's pretty funny, like most of their recent ads.

The ad – which is the latest in a series being rolled out ahead of the World Cup and the climax of the Premier League season – has had the green light from Clearcast, the body that vets TV spots before broadcast. It breaks tomorrow night.

Paddy Power said that it had to get clearance to air the commercial from Clearcast as the two teams feature real blind footballers, not actors.

Several of the players who feature are likely to represent England in this summer's World Blind Football Championships. The player who features most prominently in the commercial, Ajmal Ahmed, is the England captain.

"As with our betting we like to have fun with our ads even though there were a lot of procedures and hurdles that we had to clear for the ad to be approved," said Adam Perrin, the head of brand for Paddy Power.