new marmite ads get noticed but fail to capitalise

If you haven't already seen it, Marmite has launched a new print and poster advertising campaign featuring spoof ads for Marmite fabric softener, shower gel and perfume, with just the Unilever logo in the corner.

A second set of ads introduces the tag line, “That may be too far, but how about this?", a reference to the new Marmite Cereal Bar.

The Spoof campaign is being supported by direct marketing and sales promotions including spoof Marmite toothpaste packs, which inside will actually include a sample of the cereal bar, along with two discount coupons, one for a Marmite cereal bar and the other for a tube of toothpaste. Consumers can choose which coupon to use depending on whether they love or hate the product.

Now that is brilliant. BUT. And it is a BIG BUT. Consumers are meant to be invited to visit the Marmite Facebook page to register their love or hate.

But where is it? Search for Marmite Cereal Bar in Google and comes out top, but has no mention of cereal bars! There's also no sign of the Facebook page, just copious advertising blogs like this discussing the ads.

Now the buzz these ads have created is great and just goes to show if you do something creative and different, it will work (my Mrs even searched for it online after seeing one of the ads, and she never does anything like that!).

But why didn't they do a microsite like

Missed opportunity methinks.