rail passengers hate facing the music

Passengers worried about their safety want abusive and rowdy passengers stopped from catching the train and more visible police and staff readily available for help.

A new report by Passenger Focus says the majority of passengers are generally satisfied with their personal security at the station (64%) and on the train (73%), but of those passengers not satisfied, the anti-social behaviour of others was their primary worry.

Passenger Focus asked passengers what they are most annoyed by when it comes to anti-social behaviour at the station and on the train.

Those who play loud music, don’t pay for their train ticket or vandalise the railway were judged as being the most irritating passengers. When it comes to being concerned about their safety, passengers are most worried about abusive or threatening behaviour (60.5%).

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said: “Passengers generally feel safe on the railway but having staff available definitely makes a difference - 40% of passengers called for more staff on the train and 36% said they wanted more visible police on board.”

The research found that the most common form of anti-social behaviours witnessed at the station were passengers playing loud music (24.3%); feet on seats (21.4%) or passengers being drunk or on drugs (17.3%).

On the train, passengers reported that the most common form of anti-social behaviour observed were feet on seats (36.8%), loud music (30.6%) and use of phones in quiet carriages (27.9%).

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