man has logo tattoo for free rail tickets

An Aussie man has had a train company logo tattooed on his back - so his parents can get free rail travel around Europe.

Grant Burton had wanted to get his parents something special for their 40th wedding anniversary, but being unemployed he hadn't got much spare cash.

Knowing his parents always wanted to go to Europe, Grant contacted train firm EuRail and asked them if they would give him two passes if he did something crazy to promote their brand.

275x250.jpgHe offered to have their logo and website permanently tattooed on his back and amazingly they said yes. Now Grant has to get used to telling this story every time he takes his shirt off.

Bosses from said they were so impressed by his offer they are giving him a ticket for the trip himself. They are even offering extras like spending money if he can sign up more people to his Facebook group. A spokesperson for said: "We feel that Grant’s initiative to immortalise our brand is the summit of Eurail enthusiasm."

Grant says that after the initial disbelief at what he had done, his parents are looking forward to the  trip and want to visit Berlin and London.

Now they just have to get to Europe… good job there is space on his back for an airline logo too.
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  1. What a WANKER,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Maybe getting out of DEBT and getting a real Job might help=instead of bludging of freebies......
    Find another Ex (it would have to be one with no brains)


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