shock as Ryanair changes name and website

Shocking news that Ryanair, 'the World's favourite airline' with 37 bases and 950+ low fare routes across 26 countries, connecting 150 destinations, has changed its name as part of a new 'honesty' campaign.

Check out the new name and website here.

It looks as if a disgruntled Ryanair customer has too much time on their hands. They've created a tongue-in-cheek replica of their homepage, with some very witty copy:
"CrynAir. The low class airline. Cheap flights. Really cheap flights. Flights with no style at all. Lowest european fares. The worst brand in existence (but with a nice in-flight magazine). The worst website ever. Rip off fees and charges. Rude flight attendants. The most irritating in-flight experience of any airline."
 The 'contact us' form says:
"We love to ignore your comments. Write here and we promise not to get back to you. The fields in red must be filled in. We know are customers are retarded, but you should be able to manage that."
 They even have a live customer service comment page where you can post you Ryanair horror stories.

It really is very well done and perfect if you need a bit of a laugh. I wonder if Ryanair's PR people will acknowledge it and put a clever spin on it? They are normally pretty good.


  1. I went on there just now - hilarious!

    The funniest thing was that there was an ad for Aer Lingus in the Google ads! :)


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