pointless station signs

Station signs, and there are lots of them, are meant to help the user by displaying useful information in a clear and concise manner.

I follow the often interesting Railway Eye blog, which runs a nice feature on 'Pointless signs'. As you'll see below, some of them really are astonishing bad.

All of these signs were produced and displayed to satisfy a legal, health and safety or informational red tape. None of them help the user by displaying useful information in a clear and concise manner.

In essence, they were done because someone or something said they had to.

But, more importantly, they were done without anyone taking a step back and thinking 'what information does the user actually need?' and 'what is best way to get across this information?'.

This is much like advertising.

Companies know they have to do it, but usually it's because someone has said 'that's not doing very well, do an ad for it'. They then go off and do an ad that looks like all their others, because that's the way they've always advertised it.

Rather than stepping back and looking at the problem and thinking 'how can we get this ad to stand out from all the rest, whilst communicating a simple and easily understood benefit?'.

Anyway, here are the signs...

A poster that tells you to look at another poster. Great.

Apart from the bad grammar, don't most people call a 'facilities cleaning operative' a toilet cleaner? Or is that just me?

Has anyone actually read this?

Please don't flush the toilet, even though you can't anyway.

It would take hours to read all this. Maybe it's a clever ploy to get you to spend more on car parking?

This green sign is aimed at people with x-ray vision.