NRE 'easy' web guide headache gets worse!

Now I don't mean to keep going on, but this just gets better (or should that be worse).

Following my scathing review I have just found this YouTube video entitled 'Stations Made Easy full film - what it is and how to use' a catchy headline. And it's even more boring, drawn-out and dreary than the site itself. No wonder it's got a whole 16 views in three days (one those was me).

The problem is, the whole site is just so massive. It's just full of images and text and you're constantly scrolling and trying to process all the information. This can be seen when the video explains the routes through the station (5:20 into the video if you're still awake).

They could have done a Google streetview style journey, where you could walk through the station. That would have been truly interactive.

But the best (worse) bit is when David Sindall of ATOC proudly says...

"It's a huge achievement on a part of the industry and shows what we can achieve when we work together" and finishes with "I think it shows the industry at its very best".

Unfortunately this shows just how archaic our rail industry really is. They produce something that not only looks like, but has the functionality of, a site from ten years ago,  for the bargain price of £1.2m and they think it's an achievement! Amazing.

Anyway rant over. Check the video out for yourself...


  1. Thanks for link to the website and video. I've been suffering from insomnia recently and the website soon sorted that out, had the best nights sleep ever!

    Mind you if the website doesn't cure you the mind numbing video will!


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