'Eyebrows' goes to the top of the charts!

The Cadbury's Dairy Milk commercial featuring a boy and girl with "dancing" eyebrows has been named the public's favourite TV advert of 2009.

The chart, compiled by website tellyAds.com, reveals that Cadbury's' "Eyebrows" has been watched 200,000 times on its site this year – and another 5m times on YouTube.

Public interest in TV adverts seems to be greater than ever, the poll reveals. Visitors to tellyAds have watched 6.3m clips this year, 50% more than last year.

TellyAds founder Jon Cousins said that although TV channels are not selling the number of ads they used to, viewers' enthusiasm for entertaining commercials remains high. He explained: "New technology such as Sky+ is supposed to mean that the end is nigh for television advertising, with viewers zapping the breaks. But during 2009, 1.24 million people have spent an average of 10 minutes each watching ads – deliberately. That's the equivalent of one person watching TV ads 24/7 for over 23 years, an awful lot of attention."

Popular ads now enjoy a much longer life thanks to the internet. If tellyAds had included views of those released before this year in its chart, another Cadbury advert – featuring the drumming gorilla – would have been number one for the third year running.

The site put together its 2009 top 20 based on the number of times each ad has been requested, also taking into account the length of time it has been available to view.


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