Is this Virgin viral, viral enough?

We received a tweet from Virgin Trains today directing us to this YouTube video saying "YouTube fun! Win a Nokia N86 AND 1st Class tickets with Virgin Trains".

As we know the point of something viral is that it is meant to be funny, shocking or interesting so the idea is forwarded on to other people, and the whole promotion escalates.

Not sure this video does any of the above to be honest, which is surprising when you consider Virgin's marketing pedigree.

We know it's a viral and not a big production TV campaign but there is definitely room for improvement - it looks amateur. You can get away with the 'amateur look' in virals if the idea is great and it is really funny - sometimes it's actually funnier when it not over produced. It adds to the appeal. Unfortunately the acting, idea and camera work are all lacking.

I don't know who did it, whether it was in-house job or an agency but it really isn't in-keeping with the usual high quality marketing campaigns from Virgin that we all love.

Come on Richard - have a word!