Train station built in just six days

A temporary railway station at Workington in Cumbria has opened after the town was cut in two by severe flooding. 

The station was built in just six days after floods washed away bridges and damaged others.

The new shuttle train service between Workington and Maryport is to run every weekday from Monday 30 November to provide further help to residents in West Cumbria following the recent severe floods.

It will call at Maryport, Flimby, the new temporary station on the north side of Worrkington, called Workington North, and Workington.

The shuttle train will have three carriages and will be operated by Cumbrian rail company DRS on behalf of Northern Rail.

click here to see the BBC video report


  1. Anyone think if this was a planned station, it would have been held up in planning for 5 years, another 3 doing 'feasibility' studies, two more when the government changed, another year when the franchise holder was sacked or walked away from their commitment etc etc etc. Amazing what can be achieved when there is actually a will to do something isn't it.


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