Southern go a bit 'loco'

Southern have launched a new campaign fronted by a larger-than-life fat Mexican wrestler that looks a bit like Jack Black in Nacho Libre.

The campaign features ads, short YouTube videos (one above), a Facebook page and a download-able MP3 of his 'train song'.

It's completely bonkers and almost pointless, but you can't help but raise a smile. It also goes along with our thoughts about being different (read more here). I've got to say, I love it.

The website explains:
Hey amigo, my name is Loco Toledo - wrestler from a small village in Mejico. I take my wrestling name from the Spanish word for locomotive because trains are my number one passion.
In my village we have railway station, but I am getting sad because the train it hardly ever comes. One year I wait so long for train to come, my moustache it grows all the way down to the ground.
This is why I decide to visit your country England, the home of trains. It’s amazing! I find so many trains going to so many different places. And they travel so fast you no even have time for siesta. I have mucho fun.
But why are some peoples staying at home doing nothing when they could be going to visit your biggest city London? I even discover you can buy train ticket online 50% cheaper. And offer not just for me, it for everyone.
Apparently it's from the guys who did, which figures, as it has the same irreverent humour.

Congratulations to the Southern marketing team who have had the 'maracas' to do something really fun and different.

I hope it sells more tickets!