iPhone app is a big hit

Kizoom and online rail ticket retailer,, has launched a new UK train journey planning iPhone app with the added bonus being that it is free, unlike the National Rail option that'll cost you a fiver.

Covering the entire UK rail network, app is said to be easy to use and offers a start-to-finish route planning feature, using station search by name or on a map showing the user's location and nearest rail stations.

The "Next Train Home" function gives users stations and departure times from their current location anywhere in the UK to their stored home destination, while there's also up-to-date Tube information, that can be saved for offline access.

There's also some Twitter integration with the option to tweet other passengers about their journeys. explains "It brings travellers together in sharing thoughts or sharing taxis! This quirky - and likely popular - function has a pre-loaded # tag specific to the users' trains, so it's simple to engage other passengers and spice-up the long trek home!"

These neat little features and the fact that it's free have meant the app is now the second most downloaded iPhone app in the world!

Just goes to prove that simple, up-to-date travel information and getting hold of it as easily as possible is the one of the most important things for customers.