Change people's behaviour, it works.

Volkswagon has a site called with the idea being that if you make things fun, you can change people's behaviour.

Which confirms what we said in our april newsletter that changing behaviours is far easier than changing attitudes. e.g. it's easier to get you to try using the bottle bank by making it fun, than it is convincing you that using the bottle bank is a good idea.

Here are two examples that encourage people to recycle and use litter bin.

The great thing is that by associating these fun, clever and creative ideas with the Volkswagen brand, VW is contributing to their brand equity on a different level than just talking about their cars.

Be creative, do the right thing, have fun, save the earth. Brilliant.


  1. I'd love to see a public transport company have the balls to make their buses/trains FUN!

    I've more chance of growing a bust!


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