First launches UK's first single deck superside

For the first time on the UK mainland, single deck buses will be able to carry a double decker superside advertising panel following the launch of the single deck superside, a panel each side that extends above the roof of a bus.

Further to trialling and investment in innovative bus advertising formats with First UK Bus, CBS Outdoor's latest format will be available across York as a showcase to advertisers about this new advertising proposition. The superside format has never been used on a single deck before, but is a leading format on the iconic double decker buses.

The new format was trialled earlier this year on two buses around the city of York and proved a massive success with a further four advertisers coming on board including Visit York, Safer York and the high-end department store Fenwicks.

Jason Cotterrell, Commercial Director, CBS Outdoor, comments: "The industry must continue to invest in products and innovation and this is a great example of how CBS Outdoor and First UK Bus is leading the way. The single deck superside will give advertisers in York the chance to use campaigns across both the double and single deck buses, further broadening their options to advertise on the one of the most visible outdoor advertising formats available."

Leon Daniels, Customer Service and Communications Director for First UK Bus, said: “Bus advertising is a valuable source of revenue for bus companies and double-decker sites are worth more than double their single-deck equivalents because they are of course ‘head and shoulders’ above the traffic. In some of our cities we have fewer double-deckers than the demand for advertising so these new sites will allow us to grow our revenue. I have seen attempts to do this before across the water but I wanted an elegant and economic solution for our buses on the UK mainland.