Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Adonis' speech to the Labour Conference

An interesting speech, with some good points. But will it ever materialise?

I took a journey for a week in the spring travelling the railways of Britain. It's taken me two thousand miles to get here. I met some wonderful people, including the transport staff who keep Britain moving day by day. I enjoyed it so much, I've still got the bug. Faced yesterday with a train from London to Brighton I had this irresistible urge to go via Inverness.

More exciting journeys lie ahead of us in all fields of transport and I want to talk to you about them today.

Good transport changes lives. It strengthens communities. It spreads prosperity around the whole country. It's what we in Labour are all about. But we face a challenge: how to reconcile personal mobility for all, one of the foundations of social justice, with tackling climate change in our generation. I believe we can meet this challenge. We do not have to choose between being green and being free. But only if we create a green transport system for the future...

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