Southeastern high speed ‘preview’ service

Southeastern today confirmed that a limited high speed ‘preview’ service will begin on the 29 June. The preview service will run on High Speed 1 between Ashford International, Ebbsfleet International and St Pancras International from Monday to Friday.

The preview service will offer passengers the chance to experience what the UK’s first high speed service will be like when it is fully introduced on 13 December.

The preview services will also allow Southeastern to continue testing, training, adjust to passenger feedback and ensure that the full introduction of the service runs smoothly.The high speed service will radically improve travel times for many passengers, using the High Speed 1. Journey times from Ashford International to London will be just 37 minutes and from Ebbsfleet International the journey will take just 17 minutes.

Charles Horton, Southeastern managing director said, “These preview services offer many passengers the opportunity to reduce their journey times and experience what it is like to travel at up to 140 miles an hour on the UK’s first ever high speed line. This is an extremely exciting time for the whole rail industry and we are pleased that we are able to provide this preview service six months early and offer our passengers greater choice.”

The cost of travelling high speed will be more than the existing Mainline service. For example a Mainline single fare from Ashford International costs £22.20 compared to £26.60 for the new preview high speed fare, an addition of £4.40. For existing Southeastern ticket holders the additional supplement can be purchased at any station and all first class ticket holders are able to travel on the high speed service for no extra cost.

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