What a load of bull, or should that be dachshund?

The bus manufacturer Solaris has commissioned a new mascot – a green dachshund. I kid you not.

Just in case you're wondering what the hell a green dog has to do with a bus, here is Solaris chief Solange Olszewska to explain.

"The green dachshund is long like a bus and it has short legs, reminiscent of the easy access of our low-floor buses. Our buses are fuel-efficient like the dachshund's small appetite. Its green colour stands for the green credentials of our buses and the dachshund's legendary fidelity mirrors our loyalty towards our customers.

This is a prime example of the marketing bulls**t that is prevalent throughout our industry.

Do you honestly think that the average passenger would look at the dachshund and think 'oh yes that obviously means easy access, fuel efficiency, eco-friendliness and customer loyalty?

No, he thinks why the hell is there a green dog on the side of my bus, which (more importantly) is late again?

Good product offerings build strong brands. Logos and branding don't.

What do you think?