Leather seats and wooden floors on a bus?

A BRAND new fleet of luxury buses has taken to the road to cope with passenger demand on one of the main corridor routes operated by Transdev Yellow Buses (TYB).

The buses, which boast leather seats and wood-effect floors, can carry up to 66 passengers and cost £1.5 million. To date, TYB has taken delivery of six vehicles with the remaining five expected to be in service by the end of May.

Jenni Wilkinson, TYB’s Head of Marketing, said: “It is no exaggeration to say that passengers love the Versa. We soon discovered that we needed a larger version to satisfy demand.”

If only more buses were like this. No wonder they're proving popular, they're nice! It would certainly make me more likely to get a bus if they were like this in Swindon.

Just a shame that the livery really shatters the illusion. Ouch.


  1. If the outside was as retro as the inside more people might use it. Why do bus companies think its ok to paint their buses such hideous colours?


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