Fashion used to get more women on to two wheels

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has produced a year-long campaign to get women cycling.

The charity's campaign includes a new website – – which offers practical advice on how to look good while cycling.

Now I've heard it all.

Being a Lycra-wearing cyclist myself (don't laugh), I know the importance of being comfortable on a bike. It's the most important thing.

The website give useful tips such as 'Longer skirts can be clipped in the middle with a clothes peg' ...and this campaign is supposed to be about looking good?!

Do me a favour. The reason why cyclists wear Lycra shorts is because it is best thing to wear! You wouldn't go to the gym in a long skirt and high-heeled shoes would you? (hold on that's a good idea to get more women going to the gym).

Gina Alcock, Sustrans events officer, said: "We want to encourage women, and men, to get on their bikes and to show them it is possible to cycle in whatever you're wearing.

"We're really keen to show that whether by wearing heels, your favourite skirt or by putting flowers in your hair, cycling can be beautiful.

"Many of us girls tend to worry that by pedalling to work, to the shops or to see friends we'll arrive in a mess, but that's hardly ever the case.

"Cycling is one of the easiest ways to get fit and feel good – and there is no need to compensate on style."