Mike gets to work on public transport

As ever with me, after five days on our public transport system, a few things still rankle that I need to get off my chest.

Rankle 1.
As I’m sure the other guys have said previously we have the benefit of knowing the Traveline web address and the job it does in planning our journey each time. However, I can’t help thinking just how many people get put off making the modal shift by not knowing the ‘how, what, where, who & when’ of public transport. Nothing a decent integrated marketing campaign can’t mend though.

Rankle 2.
To save money (although hardly anything if I just making the commuting trip to be honest) I get a PLUSBUS ticket either end of my journey. I get issued with a photo card for my 7-day travel pass but I’m not required to put my PLUSBUS ticket in the machine by the driver. Surely knowing how many journeys I have made over the 7 days would give the organisers valuable information about its effectiveness?

Rankle 3.
Why is the fact bus passengers require the exact fare (on most services anyhow) seem to be only advertised on the bus? Don’t people need to know at some time beforehand? Somewhere prominent at the bus stop seems logical to me.

Rankle 4.
As rule I try and get in the Quiet Carriage on my train journeys – loud people who think they’re important because they talk loudly into their mobile phone is not really my thing. Unfortunately despite the glaringly obvious signs in every window of the carriage, the request for a bit of peace and quiet is all too often ignored. What are fellow passengers supposed to do? Stare menacingly and hope the culprit takes notice or have a quiet/appropriate word and pray you don’t get a volley of abuse in return? I read somewhere that C2C had coated their Quiet Carriages with a film that blocks mobile phone signals – a great solution that means passengers don’t have to self-police the train. What’s stopping other TOC’s doing the same thing?

Rankle 5.
Why do I get so knackered just from sitting on a couple of buses and a train each day? Must be something in the air…

On a positive note - the simple coloured coordinated line drawing showing what bus stopped where on the 23 came in very handy. Nice one Stagecoach.

Until next time.


  1. Wow Same issues on public transit all over the world.


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