Today's best bus eaves drop

A little innocent eaves dropping can make a bus journey.

I chose my seat, not realising I was sitting infront of the brother of the little girl sitting opposite me (in a tip up seat), and to the right of her mum and dad. This family had apparently decided sitting together wasn't for them, I think I know why:

Mum - "Oh, there's the woman that bought our washing machine."
Daughter - "She's got a big nose that lady."
Son - "Not as big as your ears - that's how we get Sky+. Mum only lets you stay up so she can watch Skins, when you go to bed we have to turn the TV off. Why do you think mum makes sure you do up your coat, she doesn't want you to catch a cold 'cos when you sneeze it flips over the channel! When you were little we could only get cable, by next year we could have HD!"

Poor girl looked very affronted, I was trying really hard to keep a straight face and her brother just went on and on until they got off the bus. Bless her, she didn't even have big ears. Made my journey :)