New train fleet for the Great Western and East Coast main lines

Finally we're set to get a fleet of new trains for the South!

We were selected by First Great Western to produce the launch material for their last attempt at introducing a new fleet in 2002 - the ill-fated Adleante. These went down well initially, however due to reliability problems with the doors, the units were handed back to Angel Trains between 2008-2009. After 30 years let's hope these units will finally be the answer. Only time will tell.

Article from BBC News website:

A multi-billion pound order for a new fleet of inter-city trains is to create or safeguard 12,500 jobs, the government has announced.

A group including Japanese firm Hitachi won the £7.5bn order to build and maintain a new "super express" fleet.

The stock will replace high-speed trains 20-30 years old on the Great Western and East Coast main lines.