GB rail fares 'more than Europe'

A new study by Passenger Focus has found that UK rail fares are on average 50% higher than on the continent.

Not good news considering the current economic climate. But it's not all bad news, most British passengers appeared better served than other European passengers by the number and times of trains available. A previous survey by the watchdog found that most (83%) of British passengers were broadly happy with the quality of rail services.

Average Day Return
  • Britain £6.92
  • Germany £5.08
  • Spain £2.52
  • France £1.85
    Passenger Focus, averages for journeys of three to 10 miles
It also found that passengers wanting to travel at short notice or who needed flexibility in journey times would generally be charged more, compared with European ticket-buyers.

For example, in Britain long-distance turn-up-and-go fully flexible day-return fares to the principal city (London) were 87% more expensive than in the next most expensive country surveyed - Germany. This type of British fare was also more than three times as expensive than in the cheapest country surveyed - the Netherlands.

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