Tuesday, 30 March 2010

travel for free in Bristol!

First are introducing a promotion giving First Great Western passengers with tickets costing over £25 and ending their journey at either Bristol rail stations, free onward travel by bus. 

From April 1, any qualifying ticket will also be valid for return travel on the First network at no additional charge to the traveler. The three month trial, called Bristol SuperBus, will seek to establish what modal shift can be gained against cars and taxis if bus travel is free.

In principal what First are doing - trying to alter people's behaviour not their attitude - should be commended.

However, I can't help thinking launching a promotion on April 1 is not the best marketing tactic ever, while a quick search of the Group's website in the area gives no information on the trial whatsoever.

If they don't know about it Leon, they can't use it can they?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

the logo on a par with Mercedes

I've just read that Edinburgh's new trams will soon have new liveries.

They are to be maroon, white and gold with two special versions bearing the image of famous Edinburgh citizens such as Ian Rankin and Alexander Graham Bell. Nothing wrong with that you might think.

However, what I do take issue with is this statement from the council's city development director Dave Anderson:

'On the front of the trams, the city's "Inspiring Capital" logo is designed to be as instantly recognisable as the Volkswagen or Mercedes logos'.

Logos aren't designed to be recognisable Dave, they become recognisable because people see them on vehicles and advertising every day, every month and every year for a long time. They are, however, designed to be unique and distinctive, which is very different.

Not sure who is to blame on this one - the agency for telling you such bull**** or you for believing it.

Read the full story here.

TfL to ban advertising on public transport!

Quite clearly it's a hoax (it's a pretty crude and has a glaring typo for a start) but really clever and funny nevertheless.

thanks SellSell

i hate caravans, but this is genius!

I wonder why it never took off?

Probably because its areodynamics mean it would take off if you drove too fast.

Monday, 22 March 2010

my plumber gets it spot on

My plumber (finally) came round at the weekend and after the general chit chat about pipes, waste and feeds he asked me what I did for living.

I told him that I worked for a company that specialised in developing ideas to sell the benefits of public transport.

Quick as flash he replied - 'If they concentrated on getting the things on time that would be a good start!"

Couldn't have said it better myself Tim.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SNCF's comms team kills 100 people by mistake

The French railway operator, SNCF, has mistakenly put a dramatic statement on its website saying more than 100 people had died in a train explosion.

The false announcement, of an explosion in Macon in the Burgundy region, was part of a training exercise.

It was only when journalists began flooding the railway operator's phone lines that the company realised there had been an enormous error.

A real SNCF statement later firmly said that the accident had never happened.

The message, which appeared on the SNCF website shortly after 1100 (1000 GMT), stated that following an explosion on a high-speed TGV train on the Paris to Dijon line, 102 people had been confirmed dead, while 380 people had been injured.

During an in-house training exercise in which staff were asked to respond to a massive rail accident, a staff member had accidentally posted details of the pretend scenario on the official website.

In a statement about the misunderstanding, SNCF explained that it was obliged to practise its emergency procedures for the safety of its passengers.

East Coast concentrate on changing behaviour

Train operator East Coast has just launched a new package targeting business folk travelling between Scotland and London. 

The new tickets offers flexible First Class travel for less than the usual price of a Standard Class open ticket. Included in the price is a complimentary upgrade to First Class, a three course meal voucher, use of East Coast's First Class Lounges at Edinburgh and London Kings Cross stations and onward travel within London Underground zones 1 and 2.

All this for only £199 - which when you consider the average flight between Edinburgh and London costs £253, offers excellent value for money.

A big well done to East Coast on trying to change people's behaviour not their attitude.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

new marmite ads get noticed but fail to capitalise

If you haven't already seen it, Marmite has launched a new print and poster advertising campaign featuring spoof ads for Marmite fabric softener, shower gel and perfume, with just the Unilever logo in the corner.

A second set of ads introduces the tag line, “That may be too far, but how about this?", a reference to the new Marmite Cereal Bar.

The Spoof campaign is being supported by direct marketing and sales promotions including spoof Marmite toothpaste packs, which inside will actually include a sample of the cereal bar, along with two discount coupons, one for a Marmite cereal bar and the other for a tube of toothpaste. Consumers can choose which coupon to use depending on whether they love or hate the product.

Now that is brilliant. BUT. And it is a BIG BUT. Consumers are meant to be invited to visit the Marmite Facebook page to register their love or hate.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

latest TV ad from Homebase shows makeover of Carlisle station

A really nice ad, just a shame they took it all away again!

mothers with buggies feel the force of Labour

A consultation paper has just been published by the DfT highlighting areas where the public transport 'experience' can be improved.

Concentrating on bus travel, officials have concluded that the three main areas to be looked at are -

1. mothers who take up space reserved for wheelchair users with their buggies
2. inconsiderate drivers who pull away from stops before passengers have   settled in their seats
3. passengers who drink or smoke

If those are the only areas where the bus experience can be improved for passengers, they should have it done by Xmas!

Read the full story and comments here.

and that's why our clients use us

There are two lamps on either side of my bed that needed rewiring. 

It looked easy enough to me but ended up taking two hours and 33 minutes (I timed it) out of my weekend, to do a job that would probably have taken a skilled electrician around 20 minutes.

And that's why our clients use us.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

first class on trains - what's the point?

An interesting article from the BBC's online News Magazine:

MPs may no longer be allowed to claim first class rail journeys on expenses - to the disgust of some. But are those in standard class really any different from travellers who have paid a premium, as one suggests?

It's the comfort of extra legroom for Labour MP Tom Levitt. The guarantee of a power socket for laptops for Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe. And for Liberal Democrat Sandra Gidley, travelling in first class makes her feel safer at night.

For these MPs, and more than 50 others, have lodged objections to proposals that they no longer be allowed to claim for first class train travel, except in "exceptional circumstances" such as journeys longer than two and a half hours.

Among the most vocal critics of this plan is Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Winterton, who has suggested passengers who travel in standard class are "a totally different type of people".